Where the Hell is Matt

Im going to make an early call and say that the following video of where the hell is matt, will be youtube video of the year. Its truly amazing. Well done!

And another prediction, Palbasha Siddique who does the vocals here will be the next big thing. I will say that this video will do for Palbasha Siddique the same thing that Free Hugs did for the Sick Puppies. And rightly so. Talented? You bet!

Cute Kid

So cute! How talented is she to remember all the words?

Hey Jude

I think this child is wearing a nappy. That being said, im quite sure he has a better voice than Paul McCartney. Good on ya little fella.

Funny Man Table Photo

Whats funny about this table photo? And how on earth do we know that this photo was taken by a man. Hmmm. Take a very close look.

Still dont get it? Take a look in the mirror. Oh dear. This was posted on ebay.