Sleeping Security Guard Halloween Pic

funny photo of security guard asleep on the job at halloween store I think that if i was a security guard, the one day of the year that i wouldnt fall asleep would be on Halloween. Ive seen Nightmare on Elm Street, i know what happens when you fall asleep.

Thats a Skinny Thin Building

funny photo of really thin building worlds smallestTalk about making the best use of a small space. That has got to be one of the thinest buildings in the world! I wonder if there are actual apartments in this building. I guess so. Hard to believe that people could live in a place so small. Single beds only please!

Outsourced Movie Trailer

Looks like a great movie! And of course it features the very beautiful and talented Ayesha Dharker. Those!

See Though Glass Public Toilet

Im not sure i would be too comfortable using this two way mirror public toilet. Might have stage fright!

Dog takes Drink from Sprinkler

funny photo of dog drinking from hard sprinkler How funny is this? Dog is so desperate for a drink that he is willing to get one from a really fast sprinkler! Great photo.

Craig in Windsor Sign for a Girlfriend

Would you like to be Craig from Windsor's girlfriend? He is 35, can cook a little and has a dvd collection. Thats certainly enough for some. Meet him here at 6pm on Friday.

Time Machine Craig Sign Windsor

craig from windsor time machine sign photo Craig has built a time machine and is posting this public notice to ensure that nobody is standing in this spot at 11.37am tomorrow. Its nice that he is so considerate.

Craig's Sign in Windsor Lost Sweat Band

funny craig sign photos lost sweat band in prahran will take you to a movie if you found it Craig has lost his sweat band. If you have found it, meet him here at this Australia Post box tomorrow at noon and he will take you to a movie. It has to be before 4pm cos thats when he heads to work.

Craig Sign Poster Chapel Street

craig funy photo sign posters on chapel street prahran gfc Craig from Windsor would like to discuss the golbl financial crisis. Meet him next to this pole on Chapel Street Prahran at 4pm if you want a chat.

Craig's Signs in Prahran & Windsor

Craig from windsor likes to post signs. This one suggests that he would like to do stuff. Help him out, if oyu like stuf, meet him next to this pole at 6.30pm.

Funny Craig from Windsor Photo Signs

Would you like a queen size mattress? Craig from Windsor thinks you might - swap you for a couple of bucks so he can get a banana Big M.