Danny Bhoy in Sydney

Danny Bhoy performing live in Sydney, Australia. Classic. He does a great take on the Australian Parliament. Enjoy.

This is not Elvis

I dont think it gets any better than this. This guy is amazing - its a star performance thats for sure. Let me know if you would like him for weddings and parties, im sure i have his contact details here somewhere...

Now, lets see how it should have been done.

Blonds have all the Fun

Or do they? Damn that door.

DeNiro and Homeland Security

Anyone who can keep a straight face while doing this is truly a gifted actor.

Presenting, Robert DeNiro.

World's Greatest Soccer Dives

I don't know if this is funny or just very very sad.

That aint no shark!

Time for another instalment from Bud Light - no, they don't sponsor this blog.

This isn't an aquarium, but they could charge an entry fee.

Great Moments in Presidential Speeches

With the Presidential election approaching, and the Bush term coming to an end, lets take a little refresher course on some great moments in Presidential speeches.

Just Monkey

yeah yeah...monkey monkey monkey, but how cute is this lil fella?

Classic Tripod

These guys really are quite clever. Gotta love the text message.

Do you work with Monkeys?

I want to work in this office. Im sticking with the money theme here. And why not? They are just so very funny.

Charlie has a Bad Habit

Apparently Charlie is trying to get his girlfriend to take up his bad habit.